Thankfully, winter is at an end and spring has sprung, which is a good word to use because so many people are eager to ‘spring’ out of hibernation and back into outdoors action. Also, it’s not too long until the joy of the school holidays!

So, for one reason or another, your home will often be unattended, either for short or long periods. That’s why now is a vital time to pay renewed attention to home security.

How inviting is your home to a determined burglar?

It’s a question that, sadly, people often don’t ask until it’s too late. Like a pet dog stealing a steak from an unattended plate, burglars are opportunistic animals. Therefore, it makes sense to make sure you aren’t providing such chances.

There are obvious mistakes, such as leaving doors unlocked, leaving accessible windows open, deliveries being left on the doorstep and garage doors being left open with cars gone. It’s easy to assume they’re the kind of basic errors other people make, but it pays just to remind all the family to avoid inadvertently leaving such tell-tale clues.

For increased home security, here are some questions worth considering:

# Have you fitted your external doors with deadlocks? A dead-latch mechanism prevents the movie villain’s favourite ‘just slip in a credit card’ technique to be used!

# Are all external sliding doors locked and bolted?

# Are all accessible windows fitted with cylinder locks, or even a grill, screen, or burglar bars if necessary?

# Do you have a security alarm system fitted? If so, have you added stickers to windows to further highlight this? The same deterrent can be added if you have a ‘guard’ dog – even if it’s actually your family pet!

# Let there be light! Have you installed internal light timers to make your home seems occupied whenever darkness falls? Is the approach to your home also protected with exterior or motion-detection lighting?

# Do you keep your valuables out-of-sight in an effectively-anchored home safe?

# Are the access or side gates to your property fitted with key operated locks?

# Is your letterbox secured to prevent your risk of identity theft. We have key and combination locks available to suit most letterboxes.

How to be Assured your home is protected

The above questions offer a useful starting point for a proper conversation about keeping your property secure.

The experts at Assured Locksmith and Security Solutions are happy to conduct a free security appraisal for your Nowra, Shoalhaven or Eurobodalla property.

Call us on either (02) 4423 6680 or 0473 611 884 to find out more about keeping your home and its precious contents as secure as possible…

"I now have a permanent eye on my business."

After having a security system from Assured Locksmiths my life has been incredibly easier. I can literally watch my business from the comfort of my home.... Or anywhere for that matter through my mobile phone. The service was incredible and the quality is second to NONE.

This warm friendly and professional service come highly recommended.

Bindi Walker

"Assured Locksmiths go the extra mile"

I want to personally thank Assured Locksmiths for the completion of a task that was well out of scope. From completing Inductions and all safety aspects of paperwork to the long hard day carried out by Josh and Brad and then Jo carrying near a ton of concrete out in buckets your efforts were very much appreciated. Thanks again for a great result

Trevor Hardie - Facility Manager - CSC

"I wouldn’t recommend anyone else"

I have used Assured for both business and home security needs, I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

Sally Hanson

"IT Basecamp Master Key System"

IT Basecamp a specialist IT company asked us to convert their offices to a registered master key system. They were setup with 4 different keys for different staff that have had access to different areas of the office. Brad says we went from 5 keys for our office to open all sorts of doors down to one! Awesome

Brad Lilly

"Technician exceeded my expectations for service"

I had a technician from Assured come to my home and fix my damaged locks, the technician was prompt, exceeded my expectations for service and was delightful. I would highly recommend the team at Assured Locksmiths and Security Solutions.

David - Woodhill